How to start a TTB Brewer’s Notice Application in Permits Online

We have seen some confusion out there about how to initiate a brewer’s notice application. Here is a quick overview on how to initiate an application:

  1. Set up a Permits Online account. Screenshot
  2. Click, “Create a New Application.” Screenshot
  3. Check “I have read and accepted the above terms” and click “Continue Application.” Screenshot
  4. Click “Select a Category,” select “Original Brewery,” and click “Continue Application.” Screenshot
  5. Click “New” for application contact and complete the form, same with Business Headquarters. Screenshots

    Note: From this point on you can “Save and resume later,” so you can pick up with your application from where you left off.
  6. Continue through the application, completing all relevant sections. Screenshots
    * Note: A complete brewer’s notice application requires information about all of the owners and/or officers. This information should be provided in a separate application from the Brewer’s Notice, an “Owner/Office Information Questionnaire.”

Since TTB’s processing time for Brewer’s Notices tends to be on the longer side (here is the current processing time for Brewer’s Notices), we recommend trying to have your application as complete as possible before submitting. To help speed things along, you may want to have someone who has completed the process before (especially someone with recent knowledge of the process, since it has changed significantly this year) review your application before submitting it.