Starting a Colorado Brewery (10 Legal Steps)

Craft brewery

Write Your Business Plan

Step 1: Write your business plan

Starting a Colorado Brewery involves carefully planning out your business model, budget, and fundraising structure is necessary to put your brewery on solid footing.

Early business model decisions:

  • Deciding whether you will be a brewpub or a production brewery
  • Deciding whether you will serve food, and
  • Planning whether you will distribute or only sell on-site.

Early budgetary decisions:

  • Costs for rent, build-out, and equipment.
  • Fees for professionals.
  • Revenue and expenses after opening.
  • Setting goals and benchmarks.

Early fundraising decisions:

  • Initial investments by founders.
  • Equity and voting interests.
  • Types of investment to pursue.
  • Loan types and amounts.

Here is a helpful article from my friends at Craft Brewing Business with more tips on writing you business plan. Also, the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network puts on business plan writing workshops every two months or so (see here).