Starting a Colorado Brewery (10 Legal Steps)

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Prepare and file your brewer's notice application

Step 8: Prepare and file your brewer’s notice application

Starting a Colorado Brewery involves obtaining a Brewer’s Notice from TTB. You can either file an application for a brewer’s notice through TTB’s Permits Online system, or by submitting the paper forms. Filing your application using Permits Online is, in my experience, faster.

What you’ll need:

For your brewer’s notice application, you will need to provide addresses and information about the business, information about all of the owners and officers of the company (owning at least 10%), detailed information about the brewery’s property, layout, security, and the brewing equipment. You may also need to provide a brewer’s bond if you expect to owe more than $50,000 in excise taxes in the upcoming year (most startups are well under that threshold).


TTB’s current processing time for brewer’s notices is listed here. Take note that you should plan for up to 6 months for your application to be processed. The best way to accelerate the time frame for getting your brewer’s notice issued is to submit your application early and make sure it is as complete as possible.

Note: Some of the questions and requirements are not very straightforward. You may wish to work with a legal professional to at least review your application before submission. Submitting an incomplete application can result in the abandonment of your application if you fail to fix any issues raised in the review within 15 days.